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Chemical Engineering
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Chemical Industry

Work and Pay
Work and Remuneration of Directors
Community Leadership and Management


Manfred Davidmann's publications about Chemical Engineering and Industry, Work and Pay, Leadership and Management are based on his social and economic research, and on his expert knowledge and professional experience.

The author defines line and functional relationships. He illustrates the application of the Management Teamwork (MTW) technique. He provides basis and method for objectively assessing pay and differentials at all levels for any country as a whole and between countries. He describes his Salary Administration and Manpower Planning technique (SAMP) and its use. He shows how incomes are changing, how additional purchasing power is being shared out among the population, and he states why differentials and poverty are increasing. And the author discusses directing, planning ahead, adapting to change, responsibility, motivating and motivation, remuneration, fringe benefits and profit sharing.

Manfred Davidmann provided consultancy services to achieve increasing productivity, company development and performance, effective organisation and teamwork.

Chapter headings:

        Design of Direct-cooling Plant
        Planning the Work of a Design Group
        Solving Problems in Organising Chemical Plant Projects
        Design, Development and Research in Chemical Plant Contracting
        The Chemical Plant Contractor and the Plant User
        Management Teamwork: Design, Development and Research
        The Status and Remuneration of the Professional Man in Industry
        Pay and Responsibility
        Professional Engineers' Career Prospects
        Salary Administration and Manpower Planning
        Appropriate Pay
        Work and Remuneration of Directors
        The Effective Board
        Work, Remuneration and Motivation of Directors

ISBN 978-0-85192-064-1  Paperback   285 pages  
GBP 25.00  


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