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Manfred Davidmann's works about the social, economic and religious problems of Israel and of the Jewish people cover and analyse income, poverty, inequality, social security and the standard of living, the importance of the family and the effects of promiscuity on society, immigration and emigration, the role of the establishment and of Histadruth (Israel's Federation of Labour). He warns about the serious threat of destruction from inside. Many of the conclusions apply to other democratic countries.

And Manfred Davidmann explores Jewish law in relation to present problems. He shows that the Torah (Pentateuch, Five Books of Moses; part of the Bible) contains essential benevolent social laws and a social system, such as lending money free of interest and cancelling outstanding loans, entitlement to sabbatical years, sharing out land and productive assets. His recommendations how to apply these outstanding and little-known laws under present conditions include the redistribution of capital and wealth at regular intervals, a maximum differential of income within and between countries, free education and good quality housing, and much more.

The author looks at what the Jewish Agency does with the money it gets from world Jewry.

Already in 1980, Manfred Davidmann writes and warns about bureaucracy and the danger of storing personal data, and he shows how to protect privacy and freedom.

Some works are published for the first time.

        Wake Up Israel

        If You Want a Future, Read On ...

        The Way Ahead for Israel (Volume 1): Causes of Present Problems

        The Way Ahead for Israel (Volume 2): Policies for a Better Future

        Freedom and Bureaucracy in Israel:
Protecting the Individual's Privacy and Freedom from Misuse of Personal Data in Computer Storage

        The Jewish Agency Does Some Odd Things with the Money It Gets from World Jewry

        Jewish Law in Everyday Life Nowadays

        Train Ride

        Welcome to
The Messianic Struggle for Freedom, Independence and Liberty,
for a Secure Life of High Quality
(My Knowledge Must be Taught to the People)

        The Social Effects of Promiscuity

ISBN 978-0-85192-065-8  Paperback   189 pages  
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