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Manfred Davidmann proves by methods of biblical archaeology what Jesus really taught, how Paul changed what Jesus had taught, how Paul's ideology became Christianity's official doctrine. Outstanding are the sections on Paul and the Gospels. The author reviews the Russian Orthodox Church's social and church-state policies. He analyses the Social Policies (Doctrine) of the Roman Catholic Church, the consequences for Catholics, and he states that challenging decisions are needed. Manfred Davidmann concludes that Christianity (Liberation Theology) is struggling forward towards its roots in response to the social and economic problems of global humanity at the present time. Towards what Jesus taught. Following the publication of Manfred Davidmann's works about the Meaning of Genesis, and of the publicity it generated, the 'Creationism' hypothesis was abandoned as untenable. The author exposes and proves the basic underlying causes of what seems to be progressive breaking down of family life and of social strength, and he states new insights.

Comprehensiveness of information, and depth of analysis, can be judged by the book's chapter headings:

 2   Liberation Theology: Basis - Past - Present - Future
 3   Origin of Christianity and Judaism: What Actually Happened, What Jesus Actually Taught and Later Changes
 4   The God-given Human Rights, Social Laws and Social System
 5   Family, Community, Sex and the Individual
 7.1   Church and State, Government and Religion: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
 7.2   Church and State, Government and Religion: Religion, Government and Education
 7.3   Social Concept (Policies) of the Russian Orthodox Church: Letter to the Russians
 7.4   Social Policies (Doctrine) of the Roman Catholic Church: An Evaluation
 7.5   The Global (Worldwide) Struggle for a Better Life and The Root of all Evil, the Source of All Good, and the Messianic Struggle
 7.6   Creationism and Intelligent Design, Evolution, Education or Indoctrination
 11   Christianity at the Crossroads, at the Final Parting of the Ways
 12   The choice is yours: Unemployment, Charitable Social Security and Today's Religious Teachings or High Standard of Living, Satisfying Work and a Good Life, as God-given rights.
 14   The Social Laws and Social System of the Pentateuch: (Ha Mim) The Word of Allah as Taught by Mohammed
 15   Israel and The Social Laws and Social System of the Pentateuch
ISBN 978-0-85192-062-7  Paperback   426 pages  
GBP 25.00  

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