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Manfred Davidmann shows that the Pentateuch's God-given social rules and social system are the very foundation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and underlie freedom, liberty, independence and well-being. He proves that what these main religions have in common is that in each case a ruling elite succeeded in bypassing or overturning the religion's essential God-given benevolent social provisions and human rights, in this way exposing their communities and whole populations to oppression and exploitation.

The author reveals for each religion the controversies and conflicts between church and state, between beliefs and practice. He examines the root causes of major social problems and shows how to resolve the problems by dealing with their basic causes.

And Manfred Davidmann shows how to apply and put into practice the essential benevolent and egalitarian social provisions and human rights of the Pentateuch under modern conditions.

Comprehensiveness of information, and depth of analysis, can be judged by the book's chapter headings:

 2.1   The God-given Human Rights, Social Laws and Social System
 2.2   Church and State, Government and Religion: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
 2.3   Church and State, Government and Religion: Religion, Government and Education
 2.4   Creationism and Intelligent Design, Evolution, Education or Indoctrination
 3   Family, Community, Sex and the Individual
 4   Kibbutzim
 7   The Way Ahead: Policies for a Better Future
 9   The choice is yours: Unemployment, Charitable Social Security and Today's Religious Teachings or High Standard of Living, Satisfying Work and a Good Life, as God-given rights.
 11   The Social Laws and Social System of the Pentateuch: (Ha Mim) The Word of Allah as Taught by Mohammed
 13   Judaism at the Crossroads, at the Final Parting of the Ways
 14   Israel and The Social Laws and Social System of the Pentateuch
 15   Muslims and Jews
 16   The Global (Worldwide) Struggle for a Better Life and The Root of all Evil, the Source of All Good, and the Messianic Struggle
ISBN 978-0-85192-061-0  Paperback   316 pages  
GBP 22.00  

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