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A major review and analysis by Manfred Davidmann of the essential but little-known social laws and social system of the Pentateuch (Torah) and of the fundamental scientific Social Cause-and-Effect Relationship which applies to all people everywhere at all times, and of Jewish history, finding the causes of subsequent defeat of the people and loss of country. The author provides a fully documented record of previously undiscovered material in the Talmud about Hillel. And he describes the struggles within Judaism which accompanied the birth of Rabbinical Judaism and how the Talmud recorded events.

Manfred Davidmann provides the required background knowledge of the essential core of Jewish belief and practice for drawing the only possible conclusion that the procedure called 'Prosbul' is contrary to the laws and intent of the Torah. He then annuls the Prosbul.

He shows that there are two separate root causes of antisemitism which one would normally not consider.

And he proves that the right to the land in which one lives, that is the strength and success of a people, depends on how people behave towards each other.

Comprehensiveness of information, and depth of analysis, can be judged by the book's chapter headings:

 2.1   Struggle for Freedom: The Social Cause-and-Effect Relationship
 2.2   History Speaks: Monarchy, Exile and Maccabees
 2.3   At the Time of Jesus, This is What Actually Happened in Israel: The Truth about Hillel and his Times
 2.4   One Law for All: Freedom Now, Freedom for Ever
 3   Jewish Belief and Practice
 4   Causes of Antisemitism
 5   The Right to the Land of Israel
ISBN 978-0-85192-060-3  Paperback   274 pages  
GBP 21.00  

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