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The Real World in Which We Live:

The Social Rules and Social System under Which We Suffer, Struggle, Survive and Prosper

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This community orientated book brings together studies undertaken by Manfred Davidmann to obtain a better understanding of why people have to struggle throughout their adult lives, in all countries and organisations, at all levels, to maintain and improve their standard of living and quality of life. Manfred Davidmann says: "We know what people are struggling to achieve and so these studies explore why people have to struggle by looking at what they are struggling against".

He discusses and illustrates the internal struggles taking place in political parties and all other organisations for achieving greater democracy and against those wishing to overpower democratic processes of decision-making.

And Manfred Davidmann here clearly defines and describes motivation, its basis and 'motivating'. He includes a detailed step-by-step listing of what people are struggling to achieve, their needs and wants, their achievements and objectives.

The depth of his analysis can be judged by the main chapter headings:

 2   Ownership
 3   Ownership and Limited Liability
 4   Community and Public Ownership
 5   Ownership and Deciding Policy: Companies, Shareholders, Directors and Community
 6   Multinational Summits and Agreements, Top-level Decision-making and Democracy
 7   Exporting and Importing of Employment and Unemployment
 8   Transfer Pricing and Taxation
 9   Creating, Patenting and Marketing of New Forms of Life
 10   What People are Struggling Against: How Society is Organised for Controlling and Exploiting People
 11   Democracy Under Attack: Top-level Leadership and Decision-making
 13   Taxing the Population for Private Profit
 14   Corrupted Economics and Misguided (Misleading) Experts
 16   The Will to Work: What People Struggle to Achieve

Manfred Davidmann says: "Decision-taking by leaderships has to be replaced by decision-making at the level of the people. The real struggle is not between political left and right, but is a struggle for participation (the right to make decisions)".
ISBN 978-0-85192-058-0  Paperback   264 pages  
GBP 20.00  

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