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Management and Leadership:

Local, National, Multinational (Global), Principles and Practice

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The term 'Participation', meaning by this 'participation in decision-making', was first coined, and defined, by Manfred Davidmann when he published his analysis and recommendations about the style of management. His works on style of management and on participation in decision-making in management, leadership and government, are widely known, studied and applied.

Manfred Davidmann brings to his tasks a rare combination of practical experience, knowledge and understanding backed by years spent training middle and top-level managers. Expert knowledge is expressed in clear and meaningful language and easy-to-follow diagrams illustrate the relationships.

The main chapter headings are:

 2   Style of Management and Leadership
 3   Role of Managers under Different Styles of Management
 4   Motivation
 5   Directing and Managing Change
 6   Organising
 7   Using Words to Communicate Effectively
 8   Work and Pay
 9   Inflation, Balance of Payments and Currency Exchange Rates

How local and national governments are managing our affairs is of crucial importance to every citizen. Government has to make ends meet, has to bring about a rising standard of secure living, social security and an increasing quality of life for its citizens.

"There can be ups and downs but", says Manfred Davidmann, "failure to make ends meet is just as directly and surely the result of bad leadership and management as it is in any commercial enterprise."

Manfred Davidmann reviews ways of balancing income and expenditure, causes of inflation, and tax avoidance, reviews ways out of a payments crisis and details the consequences of increasing interest rates, greater borrowing, selling assets or printing more money.

One works to achieve that which one needs and which one does not have. "Attaining goals leads to feelings of self-respect, strength and confidence", and "persistent lack of rewards leads to a view of society as being hostile and unrewarding".
ISBN 978-0-85192-057-3  Paperback   198 pages  
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