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Group Minds in Action: How the Human Group Mind Shapes the Quality of Our Life and Living

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Manfred Davidmann shows how the human brain evolved and functions, how the human mind works, and how brain and mind interact. This fundamental work provides fascinating insights clearly expressed in meaningful language, shows how brain and mind determine what people do and how they do it, what people aim to achieve and how in the struggle for a better life we adapt to the world in which we live.

The chapters of this book which deal with how our communities and societies are organised and function, describe how our group minds shape our lives, communities and society, explain the consequent confrontations and struggles from dictatorship to democracy.

Relating the functioning of the brain to behaviour, this work shows how human behaviour is affected by the primitive instincts of our reptilian ancestors. There are sections which discuss how conflict arises within the mind, mental health and illness, dominance, creativity and hearing voices.

Comprehensiveness of information, and depth of analysis, can be judged by the book's chapter headings:

 2   How the Human Brain Developed and How the Human Mind Works
 3   The Human Group Mind and How It Works
 4   Manipulated Communities and Populations
 5   Manipulated Individuals
 6   Freedom, Liberty and Good Life: Overcoming Corrupt Manipulations
 7   Motivation Summary
 8   What People are Struggling Against: How Society is Organised for Controlling and Exploiting People
 9   The Will to Work: What People Struggle to Achieve
10   Democracy, Socialism and Communism: The Worldwide Struggle for a Better Life
ISBN 978-0-85192-055-9  Paperback   264 pages  
GBP 21.00  

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