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ISLAM: Basis - Past - Present - Future

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Knowing about Prophet Mohammed's struggle for recognition of his mission and message, is of vital importance if one wishes to understand what Mohammed taught and the Koran. Just what upset the elite so thoroughly and persistently that it caused him and his followers to be harshly opposed and actively persecuted?

The events and struggles which took place after Mohammed's death, and how the Koran and Islam came to be, shaped Muslim belief and practice, formed Sunnism and Shiism, underlie today's conflicts and confrontations within Islam.

In this book Manfred Davidmann assembles, evaluates and objectively records the events of the formative years which shaped Islam. He enables one to understand how Islam came to be and its present beliefs and practices, conflicts and confrontations. Comprehensiveness of information, and depth of analysis, can be judged by the book's chapter headings:

 2   Prophet Mohammed's Struggle for a Better Life for All
 3   Text, Language, Dialect and Interpretation of the Koran
 4   The Divine Right to Rule
 5   Compiling the Koran: Hadiths (Traditions) State the Underlying Reality
 6   Caliph Uthman's Rearrangement of the Chronological (as revealed) Koran's Chapters
 7   Prophet Mohammed's Word of Allah and the Voice of the Ruling Elite
 8   Muslims and Jews
 9   Church and State, Government and Religion: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
10   Church and State, Government and Religion: Religion, Government and Education
ISBN 978-0-85192-053-5  Paperback  185 pages  
GBP 17.00  

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